Brand Out from the Crowd

23 Page Branding Workbook and Planner

Brand Out from the Crowd Workbook and Planner

Your business craves visibility, credibility, and revenue. Getting your Brand strategy right, and implemented brilliantly, will make your business stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

 Your Brand is Your Profit. It is the difference between you and your competitors.  Connect with your customers emotionally, capture a space in their hearts and minds, build trust, and they will choose to buy from you.

It's not just pretty fonts and nice colours it's about getting into your customers heart and minds, it's setting yourself apart from your competitors and it is about fighting for and winning that business - whether you are a consultant, sole trader or you are selling a product.  

  • Section 1:  Core Concept
  • Section 2:  Core Values
  • Section 3: Personal Brand
  • Section 4:  Brand Voice
  • Section 5:  Branding Kit
  • Section 6:  Brand Adjectives
  • Section 7:  Colours & Fonts
  • Section 8:  Colour Psychology
  • Section 9: Brand Promise
  • Section 10: Brand Strategy
  • Section 11: Brand Story
  • Section 12: Value Proposition
  • Section 13: Mission, Vision & Values
  • Section 14: Your logo
  • Section 15: Target Audience
  • Section 16: AIDA Model
  • Section 17: Re-branding
  • Bonus sections:  Task charts, to-do lists and notes

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    23 Page Branding Workbook and Planner

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Nadine Lewis Lewis

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